This time, high-profile profiling incidents

This just in from Times of India: Rohinton Mistry Ends US Tour Over Racial Profiling. Mistry is the Canadian author of Such A Long Journey, Swimming Lessons and the instant classic, A Fine Balance. I must admit I do not like his writing. I struggled through Journey, Lessons and another, Tales of Firosha Baag, and was left with the same feeling every time; I don't like authorial/narrative voices that undermine their characters. So consistently, at that.

Such A Long Journey was made into a movie. I didn't like that, either.Hey, I tried.But the issue here, of course, is the cancelling of the book tour due to restrictive profiling at airports. Because frankly, everyone is profiled. It's that certain profiles are used to restrict, while others are not.

Update: Forgot to mention, for those not knowin', Mistry shares ethnicity/ancestry with Freddie Mercury, my Eternal Queen.

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